Price Chart


These prices all TAX INCLUDED!

Hover over the Sizes/Quick order button at the top to see a drop down menu,
you will see examples & sizes with pitchers as well as the costs and the option to purchase.

button costs to2

Below is the unit costs without tax.

wholesale buttons chartThe top multicolored chart was developed to include the most commonly ordered button amounts with the set up fee and taxes included. This lets you see the end cost of your button order with out being surprised by “add on’s”.
The above green chart shows the unit costs. If you want to order an amount of buttons that is not on the first chart, call or text for a quote, or- following method can be used to determine  the final cost, lets use a odd number that is not in the “easy top chart”.
For example 548 1.75 inch buttons would cost-
548 units x .39+25$ set up fee/13% hst  = $269.70
There are reason for such a number. Lets say a wedding with 548 people attending or a school with 754 students. Usually buttons are ordered in lots of hundreds like 100, 500, 600 and so on.